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Life is easier to navigate and much more fun with the help of the Relatives!

Welcome! My name is Laura Bottrell and I am a spirit medium, professionally practicing for fifteen years. I connect those who are living to those who are in spirit, who I have so lovingly named the Relatives.

The Relatives give us undeniable evidence that they are so far from gone, and are more alive than ever. They constantly surround us, wanting to help and guide us.

If you've experienced a significant loss, working with a medium can bring you healing, comfort, and new perspective. However, clients can still benefit from readings if they don't have a particular individual in mind or even if they do not know anyone who has passed away. In fact, the reason I originally coined the term "the Relatives" is because I found that after a reading, your spirits become a part of my army of angels, and mine become a part of yours. 

The Relatives give us a broad, bird's eye view of our lives, therefore providing hope and excitement about your future and potential.

With empathy and insight, I can help you with one of the most life-changing and profound experiences that you will have. Please email me at for any questions.

Any communications or services are intended for informational purposes only, and are not intended to provide, nor be a substitute for, professional mental health and medical advice. Laura Bottrell and Relatively Speaking do not assume any responsibility or liability for the decisions and actions of the client. 

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