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After overcoming enormous challenges, including the tragic loss of her brother and a suicide attempt, Laura Bottrell began finding ways to heal and thrive.

In this concise collection of personal stories and self-care strategies, Laura shares the power of the support and knowledge available from both our physical world and the non-physical energy that surrounds us.

Dealing with depression, anxiety, and grief during her California childhood and current life in Hawaii, Laura sought the help of a respected psychologist. You will learn important lessons from her years of working with him, including how to break toxic thought patterns, gain renewed perspective, and follow your intuition to make the best choices for your life.

Beyond our physical world, even more profound guidance can be found. Our loved ones are still alive and involved with us in their non-physical state, and with her insights and anecdotes from over fifteen years as a professional medium, Laura details how to stay connected with them and open yourself to the love and wisdom that spirits have to offer.

Written with honesty and empathy, In a Better Light will provide you with a practical and metaphysical approach to achieving the peace, clarity, and happiness you deserve.

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