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Laura Bottrell was born in Los Angeles, California. From a young age, she felt extremely intuitive and sensitive to energy, and always had a fascination with "ghosts." However it wasn't until age fifteen, when she suffered the loss of her eight year old brother, that Laura truly took an interest in connecting with those in spirit.
The tragic death of Laura's brother occurred the day after her family moved to the small town of Mendocino on the Northern California coastline. Laura spent many days alone in their new home, a renovated schoolhouse, after her family fell apart due to the tragedy. The schoolhouse was a very old building full of history, and Laura developed a keen sensitivity to non-physical energy while there. She would often hear footsteps running down the hallway, people talking in the great room, and smell the scent of smoke in her bedroom. Laura later learned that her room had previously been the Principal's office, where he would sit and smoke cigars.

Laura actively set out on a quest for connection after another major loss: the passing of her cousin, who was like a brother to her. She met with several psychics and mediums, but Laura never felt completely convinced by any of them. Finally, she found a medium who proved to her without a doubt that he was in clear communication with her Relatives, the term Laura lovingly uses for those in spirit. Laura decided then that she needed to hone the skills that she knew she was capable of. Starting with training sessions, complimentary readings, and eventually building word-of-mouth, Laura was soon on her way to becoming a practicing medium.

After fifteen years of professional mediumship, Laura can confidently say that being a medium is her favorite job she's ever had. She loves to meet and work with all of her clients and their Relatives, and feels honored to learn and benefit from the insights that come out of sessions. Laura wants to help more people experience the magic that can occur when we realize there is no death, and how spirits are very much alive and involved in our lives.

Aside from her mediumship, Laura has always loved and pursued the arts. After working as a stage, television, and film actress for years, Laura became a Ballroom dancer and instructor. Her dance career has included competitive dance, studio ownership, and private consulting.

Laura is the author of a book, In a Better Light, in which she offers a practical and metaphysical approach to self-care and improvement, and details the valuable lessons and incredible stories she's experienced through life with the Relatives and her mediumship business,
Relatively Speaking.

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