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What should I expect from a session?

A medium should bring through undeniable evidence that your loved ones are present, by speaking about information that only the client would know. This includes topics such as the way the Spirit passed, physical descriptions or personality traits, or facts about the client’s life. In mediumship this is known as validation.


What if I don’t know anyone who has passed away?

This is perfectly fine. We all have an army of angel’s that surround us constantly. We do not need to know anyone that’s passed in order to have a great reading. Your ancestors and “guides” will provide meaningful validation and inspiration for every client.


How much should I reveal to the medium, especially at first?

 In the beginning, the medium should not know that much information. Your first name, and that’s about it. Don’t go into a session telling the medium that you want to connect to this or that person. I bring through certain information and want you to know it’s authentic, and that there is no way it could have guessed or looked anything up. I prefer to go in session with a completely blank slate.


However, a reading should feel like a three-way energy exchange, so you don’t want to feel too restricted either. You want the session to feel like a conversation between you and Spirit through the medium. Mediums might need your assistance in interpreting certain messages, especially as we warm up. So I may ask you some questions to clarify what Spirit is conveying. Don’t feel like you can’t elaborate at that point, Spirit will still find many ways of validating their presence.


Can I ask for a particular Spirit to come to my reading?

As the medium, I am not in charge of who shows up to the session. However, Spirits understand our wants and needs. Generally, they will acknowledge the desires of the client and give them what they came for and much more. It’s important to remember that Spirit doesn’t always give us what we want to hear, but they always give us what we need to hear. We must remember that Spirit is coming into our session with their own agenda.


Can Spirit tell my future?

Short answer, no. One of these greatest things about Spirit communication is that they love to guide us in a way that we come to our own conclusions about our life. It would not be spiritually helpful for us to just know our future. We enjoy the unfolding of events and coming to conclusions about how to handle obstacles. The answers we’re seeking are already inside of us, Spirit helps us reach those depths.


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